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Why you should go with a Professional Designer

and not those crowd-sourced web sites.

Mainly, quality over quantity. Attention to detail. Experience and knowledge. My service provides expertise, convenience and time savings for you. This next bit is paraphrased from Colleen Gratzer’s blog and podcast Design Domination but it really explained what you are not getting on those sites. This example is just for logos. There is so much more involved for web sites, marketing pieces, etc.

So you used one of these sites and you were happy with your logo until…

  • a printer says it can’t be printed at that size because it’s not the proper type or of high enough resolution.
  • Uh oh! the logo needs to be scaled up (see above) or used in one (or two) color for an embroidered shirt but because the logo was created with a lot of gradients and special effects, it now has to be completely redesigned.
  • (and this is a BIGGIE!!) you get a cease-and-desist letter from or, even worse, sued for infringement by a company with a similar logo design but different name, or by a stock image company as a result of the designer illegally using a stock icon. That could mean a license wasn’t purchased, or that a license was purchased but the designer wasn’t allowed to use it in a logo design. In these cases, the logo ends up costing the client much more money than they initially spent on the logo design—plus, quite possibly, their reputation. Now, having said that, it’s not your job to pay an attorney to do a search to make sure your design work isn’t infringing on the rights of another company. You can do that if they like. But you should do some due diligence and make a good-faith effort to not create something in the likeness of someone else’s work.

Here is what I bring:

  • Connections to good vendors: hosting companies, printers, etc.
  • What image formats and sizes to use
  • What makes a good image and where to find images you can legally use
  • How to properly name web pages and image files for accessibility and better SEO

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