Picazzos 2014 Summer Email

Picazzo’s 2014 Summer Email:

Marketing Collateral Web and Mobile Design
Gas Mileage Infographic for Vertical Measures

Vertical Measures Infographics:

Graphics Infographics
Bat Squad Logo - First Concept - My favorite

BCI Bat Squad Kids’ Membership Logo

Illustration Logo and Branding Identity Non Profit
Natives Peoples Magazine September 2016

Native Peoples Magazine

Non Profit Publication Design
Bat Conservation International - Congress Bridge Brochure 2016

BCI Congress Bridge Brochure

Marketing Collateral Non Profit

BCI & BLM Best Management Practices Papers

Non Profit Publication Design
PHXIDUG HotTopix Logo

Logo for PHXIDUG Hot Topix Conference

Events and Promotions Logo and Branding Identity Marketing Collateral