My Approach

I don’t believe in working for people; I work with you. When you hire me, you’ll have a partner, a collaborator, someone working by your side to reach your goals.

What makes me a better collaborator? I’m a reliable designer! I’m fun, I’m creative, but I’m also a grown-up. That’s why I’m all about honesty, fairness and communication.

Things to Ask Yourself  (whether you go with me or not)

  • What’s my budget for this project? Is it around $500, $5,000 or $50,000?
  • Can I get a retainer deposit to the designer before work starts?
  • What’s my deadline for this project? Be realistic. Ask around.
  • Am I authorized to sign a legal contract? Is there anyone else besides me that is part of the financial decision-making process?
  • Will I be available (by phone or email with a response time of less than 24 hours) for the life of the project, start to finish? If not, who else will be a decision maker?
  • What is my company doing right, with regards to marketing? What are we doing that isn’t working?
  • Who are my competitors? What are they doing right with their marketing? What are they doing wrong?
  • What marketing/advertising have I seen in another industry that I would like to try?
  • Does my company have a branding style guide (fonts, colors, logo use rules, communication style with customers and vendors)?
  • What kind of license does my company have for the fonts and images that are vital to my brand? Can they be legally shared with a contractor? (If not, the price of the fonts and images needed will have to be rolled into the project fee.)
  •  Do I have a writer/content creator, editor and/or proofreader on staff or on retainer? You need professionally worded content. Your brand includes how you speak and write your company’s message.

I am working on an app that makes these important items into a fun collection game. Check back this Autumn 2019!

My Process

When you approach me for a project, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: You tell me what you need. We go over details in a questionnaire called a creative brief.

Step 2: I create an agreement proposal (Statement of Work), which includes:

  • Materials you agree to give/send me (pre-existing art and copy/text)
  • Budget (estimate of the fee, not final)
  • Timeline (due dates, including: to print, go live, your presentations)
  • Fee schedule and retainer(s) (50% up front for projects under $1000; 33% up front for projects over $1000)
  • Scope of work

Step 3: We agree on the proposal and sign it as a legal contract. You send me your retainer fee, as well as any materials needed for the project.

Step 4: Once step 3 is completed, we begin work.

Step 5: You pay me and you get new customers. Everyone’s happy!

If you have a multifaceted project that will require other disciplines, such as Web development or copywriting, I can also act as your project manager and pull together a team of marketing professionals for your project.

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