2015 Business Cards Linza Fine Art

Linza Fine Art Business Card:

Logo and Branding Identity Marketing Collateral
Picazzos 2014 Summer Email

Picazzo’s 2014 Summer Email:

Marketing Collateral Web and Mobile Design
Gas Mileage Infographic for Vertical Measures

Vertical Measures Infographics:

Graphics Infographics
Misfit BBC Caricatures

Misfits Illustrations:

Jill Schildhouse Logo Writer Editor Content Strategist

Jill Schildhouse Logo:

Logo and Branding Identity
Linza Fine Art Web site - Desktop and Mobile 2018

Linza Fine Art Web & Mobile:

Logo and Branding Identity Web and Mobile Design
artsmith tshirt contest flyer 2017

Artsmith T-Shirt Contest Flyer

Advertising Events and Promotions Non Profit
Bat Squad Logo - First Concept - My favorite

BCI Bat Squad Kids’ Membership Logo

Illustration Logo and Branding Identity Non Profit
Black Umbrella Industries Logo

Black Umbrella Industries Logo

Logo and Branding Identity